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The oppidum of the Mount Lassois and the "The Way of Tin"...

The tombstone goes back to the beginning of the 6th century before JC and corresponds to the end of the iron’s aged. It is the peak of the Mount Lassois which occupied an strategic spot on the linking road North / South.

This road linked the British’s islands at Etruria to the great Greece. The tin was unloaded at Vix where the ‘Seine’ ceased to be navigable in order to be transported in Italy by terrestrial way.
This discovery reveals the extent of cultural exchanges within the Mediterranean and the Septentrional worlds showing an splendid Celt’s civilization which was refined, boomed and far away from the contemporary stereotypes.

* Oppidum, oppidi

is a Latin word, neutral which means “Closed Town”, “Strong Place” used as a war spot for the Breton.
However the Oppidum remains a Celt’s and Gaulish reality.